Human Trafficking Foundation

Victim Fund

Financial & Material Assistance

The Human Trafficking Foundation’s Trafficking Survivor Emergency Support Fund is available to help victims of human trafficking and modern slavery with small one-off grants to meet their immediate needs when no other sources of funding are available.

HTF is not in a position to administer the distribution and spending of the grant, and therefore works with organisations providing other forms of support and advice to survivors who apply on their behalf. We are unable to make grants directly to survivors. We ask that the support worker complete the Application Form and, if granted, the funding will be transferred to the support organisation’s bank account to then be administered. Please provide details of what effort has been made to secure funding from other sources.

If your client is currently receiving support under the NRM Care Contract we request that an application is first made to The Salvation Army’s Victim Care Fund. We are not able to provide grants for needs which can be met by the Salvation Army other than in exceptional circumstances.

We would not usually make a grant above £200.

Application form and guidelines available here.

Other resources

The Baby Bank (Windsor)

The Baby Bank is able to provide clothing and other essential needs for expectant mothers or clients with babies or small children.

Access is based on third-party referral by professionals such as community midwives, health visitors and family support workers. Reasons for referral include (but are not limited to): Poverty; Refugee/asylum seeker status or newly arrived to the UK; Domestic violence/leaving the family home; Isolation from family; Teenage pregnancy; Military families in need; Victims of fire or flooding; Children in emergency foster placements; Homelessness or living in temporary accommodation.

Find our more here.

A map of UK Baby Banks is available here.