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Human Trafficking Foundation

The Human Trafficking Foundation grew out of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery with three objectives: 

  1. To shape policy and legislation by equipping parliamentarians and policy makers, lead government departments, local authorities, police and statutory agencies to better understand the extent and nature of human trafficking, and the need to adjust rapidly to changing trends; 

  2. To provide a sustained and collective voice amongst NGOs, civil society, and voluntary organisations fighting modern day slavery so that short-comings in current policy can be identified and addressed, and how that can best be tackled; and

  3. Identifying opportunities for new and different types of intervention within the rapidly evolving landscape of human trafficking




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Our Work

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All-PArty parliamentary group

HTF provides the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. The APPG is co-chaired by Vernon Coaker MP and Baroness Butler-Sloss, who were elected in September 2017. It was significant in the passage of the Modern Slavery Act, ensuring important clauses were added to the original draft. It now looks to ensure effective implementation.

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National Advisory Forum

The National Advisory Forum is made up of NGOs, service providers and other experts from across the UK anti-trafficking sector. It provides an opportunity to stay up to date on policy developments, to network and engage in dialogue with Parliamentarians and policy-makers, bringing together over 90 NGOs, academics, police, civil servants and other experts. 

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National Network Coordinators Forum

The National Network Coordinators’ Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Forum (NNCF) brings together the coordinators of 26 anti-slavery multi-agency partnerships from around the UK. The aim is to raise awareness of policy development, promote cooperation between regions and sharing best practice as well as build on learning from experiences.

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The Foundation is working to equip the 32 London boroughs to identify, support and assist victims of human trafficking, in light of the new Modern Slavery Act 2015 and Care Act 2014, which present local authorities with new statutory duties. 



The Foundation, together with British Embassies in targeted European countries works to set up parliamentary groups of interested parliamentarians to help move addressing human trafficking up the political agenda. Currently 15 country parliaments are involved. The long term purpose is to ensure that each European parliament has an ongoing cross party parliamentary committee specifically fighting human trafficking. 

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Victim support policy

The Foundation’s primary focus is on developing policy to improve support for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. The Foundation works with NGO and statutory partners to produce policy recommendations to support victims' rehabilitation and recovery. We are pleased that in October 2017 government committed to include our Trafficking Survivor Care Standards in the next victim care contract.. An updated version of the standards was produced with partners in 2018. HTF also operates a small victim fund to provide one-off grants in emergency situations where other funds are not available.

Anti-Slavery Day

UK Anti-Slavery Day, 18th October, is a chance to raise awareness of modern slavery, highlight the important work being done by NGOs and statutory authorities, and focus attention on areas of policy and practice where improvements still need to be made. Our 2019 Anti-Slavery Day Events Calendar includes some events happening to mark the day nationally.

Awards: To mark Anti-Slavery Day, the Human Trafficking Foundation hosts an annual Anti-Slavery Day Media Awards to highlight the contribution of the media and outstanding individuals in the fight against slavery. Shortlisted nominations for 2019 have now been revealed and are available here.
Details of last year’s awards can be found here

Mapping Trafficking Survivor Services

The Human Trafficking Foundation, in partnership with ATLEU and the Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit, has produced and continues to develop a national map of support services available for survivors in the UK. Find out more here

Victim Fund

The Human Trafficking Foundation established the Victim Fund with a grant from the Vandervell Foundation. We supplement this with funding from other supporters. The fund is available to help survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery with small one-off grants to meet their immediate needs when no other sources of funding are available. 

More information and the application form can be found here.


The Human Trafficking Foundation’s Advisory Forum newsletter supports NGOs and professionals engaged in anti-trafficking work to stay informed of policy updates and relevant inquiries. It is also an opportunity for stakeholders to share their own updates, including reports, job vacancies and service developments. To be added to our mailing list, please email

Report an instance of human trafficking

The Human Trafficking Foundation doesn't provide direct support or advice to survivors of human trafficking. If you suspect human trafficking or modern slavery, contact the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700. In an emergency call 999

Support our work

We are incredibly grateful for any donation you can make to help us continue to influence anti-trafficking policy and improve the support provided to survivors.