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National Networks Coordinators' Forum

The National Network Co-ordinators’  Forum (NNCF) brings together the coordinators of the various regional anti-slavery networks and partnerships operating throughout the UK. The aim of the NNCF is to provide a forum in which to promote inter-regional cooperation and sharing of best practice between regional partnerships across the UK.

The group is co-chaired and coordinated by the Human Trafficking Foundation and Robin Brierley, Chair of the West-Midlands Anti-Slavery Network. 

Mission Statement: to contribute to the continual improvement of the UK’s practical response to modern slavery, by fostering a collaborative approach amongst regional multi-agency partnerships in order to improve victim identification and protection and increase the criminalisation of perpetrators. 

Membership: Membership is restricted to representatives of existing multi-agency Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking networks.

London (Tri-Borough)

Merseyside Modern Slavery Forum

norfolk modern slavery collaboration

pan-sussex modern slavery network

South West Anti-Slavery Partnership

South Yorkshire Anti-Slavery Partnership

Welsh National Anti-Trafficking Network

West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network

West Yorkshire Anti-Trafficking Network