Human Trafficking Foundation


The A21 Campaign

A21 is a non-profit organization passionate about seeing human beings everywhere rescued from bondage and completely restored. Our operational strategy is to:

  • REACH the vulnerable and disrupt the demand. We endeavour to prevent slavery from ever happening by engaging people through events, student presentations, and education programs.
  • RESCUE victims and seek justice against their captors. We work closely with law enforcement on the ground to support raids, identify victims through our resource lines, assist in the prosecution of traffickers, represent survivors in court proceedings, and collaborate with Governments and other NGOs to eradicate slavery at every level.
  • RESTORE survivors and equip them to live independently. We work face-to-face with every person in our care, providing them with access to housing, medical treatment, counselling, education, employment, and repatriation based on their individual needs.

A21 has 12 offices in 11 countries (Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Holland, Norway, South Africa, Thailand, the UK, Ukraine, and the USA), and six of these operations provide restorative aftercare services (Bulgaria, Greece, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, and the USA).

A21’s goal is that no survivor of human trafficking would be left without the support they require. We have adopted an individualized approach, and desire to help each trafficking survivor re-integrate into society and take steps towards becoming independent. 

The following services are available to survivors:


External survivor assistance is designed to provide short-term immediate assistance to male and female Survivors of Human Trafficking. ESA services include:

  •  Assistance in finding safe, temporary accommodation if applicable (e.g. a hotel, referral to a residential shelter, etc.)
  • Food, clothing, shoes, toiletries and other personal items
  • Medical care according to need
  • Psychiatric/psychological support according to need


The A21 Home in Greece welcomed its’ first resident in December 2008. The residential home is a short term care facility for female Survivors of Human Trafficking, and offers the following services:

  • 24/7 individual care and supervision
  • Full board accommodation in a secure location
  • Clothes, shoes, toiletries and other personal items
  • Full medical care through partnership with a local private hospital
  • Psychiatric/psychological support
  • A 12-week program including trauma restoration, art therapy, anger management, life skills, computer skills, language lessons, personal development sessions (self worth, life objectives etc.) and fun leisure activities

The aim of the A21 Home is to move people from a state of crisis to stabilization. We aim to equip survivors with the necessary skills needed to live independently and help them make informed decisions about their next steps after leaving the A21 home.


A21 is committed to seeing each individual survivor achieve his or her goals and become independent. The A21 Transition Program is designed to provide on-going assistance and can include, but is not limited to the following services:

  •  Regular meetings with A21 caseworker (whether remote via Skype or in person)
  • Assistance in sourcing safe accommodation
  • Assistance in sourcing safe work opportunities
  • Vocational training or higher education
  • Programs including trauma restoration, budgeting and financial management, life skills, language lessons, anger management and personal development sessions (self worth, objectives in life etc.)
  • Medical care according to need
  • Psychiatric/psychological support according to need


A21 partners with highly skilled lawyers who work with Survivors to address their needs. The following services are offered to any Survivor:

  • Assistance in acquiring personal identification documents
  • Liaising with police/prosecutors
  • Legal representation in court
  • Making appropriate travel arrangements and accommodation related to the court case.


From one state to another, or from one country to another, A21 assists with the facilitation of repatriation for survivors of trafficking who voluntarily wish to return home. The following services are available:

  • Risk assessment prior to repatriation
  • Arranging travel documentation
  • Making appropriate travel arrangements – whether in co-operation with other agencies or independently with A21
  • Referral to appropriate services in their home country

SAFE Repatriation services are also available in the UK

Read A21's 2016 Freedom Report here or visit their website


UK: Mrs Charlie Blythe, UK Country Manager


International: Mrs Nina Hyldgaard, European Aftercare Manager