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Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluating Initiatives to Tackle Modern Slavery

Dr Ruth Van Dyke from the Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery, St Mary’s University has produced a Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluating Initiatives to Tackle Modern Slavery.

‘There have been significant developments in terms of policy to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery as well as actions undertaken by a wide range of organisations to prevent modern slavery, to protect victims and to investigate and prosecute those involved in facilitating modern slavery. In addition, there have been an increasing number of organisations from across the statutory, civil society and private sectors working in partnerships to reduce modern slavery. While it is possible to point to a wide variety of initiatives taken by different groups, it is important to take stock of where we are in terms of actions and outcomes which suggests information needs to be collected in a more systematic and holistic fashion. In order to monitor and evaluate the work that has been undertaken around modern slavery, data needs to be collected, collated and assessed. This toolkit aims to aid organisations and partnerships who seek to make practical responses to the problem of modern slavery but also wish to record what they have done and to evaluate the outcomes of their practice.’

Download the toolkit here